A Summer School supported by the GDR Théorie de Lie Algébrique et Géométrique and the GDRI Representation Theory

Aims and Scope

Every year the GDR TLAG (Théorie de Lie Algébrique et Géométrique) organizes a Summer school aimed in priority for young researchers (advanced Master's students, PhD students, and post-doctoral fellows).

The goal of this meeting is to gather mathematicians who work on topics related to Lie theory, representation theory, and group theory.

The Summer school will last one full week, from Monday morning (3rd July) till Friday noon (7th July). There will be five 4-hours lectures given by the following speakers.


  • Characters of finite groups of Lie type: open problems and conjectures
    Meinolf GECK
  • Schubert varieties and other stratified T-Poisson varieties
    Allen KNUTSON
  • Deformations of symplectic singularities and Orbit method
    Ivan LOSEV
  • Vertex algebras and associated schemes
    Anne MOREAU
  • Birational geometry of G-varieties
    Boris PASQUIER


The list of participants.

Organizing committee

Rémi Bignalet-Cazalet, Adrien Dubouloz, Daniele Faenzi, Lucy Moser-Jauslin, Ronan Terpereau, Emmanuel Wagner.

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